"White's is where all four of my children go and we have never had an issue with any provider they have seen. Our primary provider is Buffy Mosteller FNP and we could be more happy with her seeing and caring for our kids. She is never in a rush when we see her and she takes the time to listen to us and our children and she has even stayed well past closing once to help my oldest daughter deal with some difficult situations. She has really shown us that she truly care about the well being of her patients and has a passion for what she does."

"Whites Pediatrics is in my opinion, are the best group of doctors in our area! I brought my children here, and now my grandchildren come here too!"

"I have two children who visit this practice; one of which has special needs. I have not experienced the long waiting times that others have reported except at their urgent care after-hours clinic, but that is the nature of urgent care clinics. Dr. White in particular is a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor who is very upbeat and Dr. Pointe du Jour is very good with kids on the autism spectrum. I have no problems with this practice."