Why your child needs a visit to the doctor this summer!

Connecting with your healthcare provider for a well check or sick visit seems so scary and unnecessary in a time when we are all trying to minimize risk of infection. But there are some very important reasons why it is vital to stay connected, especially for your children.

The better your child’s baseline health, the better they will be able to fight any infection or stressor that comes their way.

Well child checks allow you to go over all aspects of your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. We have been working tirelessly to create ways to safely communicate with your family and minimize in-person time in the office. We have changed the office environment to comply with social distancing rules and are deep cleaning multiple times a day to keep you safe. Call us to find out your options.

It is vital that your child’s vaccines are up to date.

Vaccine-preventable illnesses like flu and measles not only make you feel miserable when you have them, they also rob your immune system of the ability to fight other infections, including COVID-19. Flu vaccines are espe- cially important if there is a “second wave” of COVID-19 during flu season this fall.

Chronic medical conditions like asthma, allergies or diabetes must be optimally managed so that your child’s baseline health is the best that it can be.

Having a plan in place for when your child is well and sick will make a big difference in how their body is able to fight illnesses.

While distance learning has been important in keeping our children connected to their incredible teachers and education, it has also created challenges for children who need the vibrant school environment to thrive.

Children with learning differences, focus-related issues or other disabilities miss services that help learning. Touching base with your pediatrician over the summer will allow you to create a plan with your child’s school to best help them succeed.

Physical distancing, social isolation, and child and family stressors during this crisis are greatly affecting the mental health of children and their caretakers.

Loss of caretaker jobs and income, lack of food, unstable housing and other stressors have impacted the social and emotional health of children. Many families are on edge. Children need mental health screenings and treat- ment in order to address all the factors affecting their overall well-being.

We want your child to thrive! Call us today to schedule a well child check.

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